Helen O’Keefe, a resident at The Buckingham, a senior living community in Houston

Active Aging Week With Helen O’Keefe

Earlier this month, residents joined older adults throughout the country in celebration of Active Aging Week. Few embody the spirit of this campaign like resident Helen O’Keefe who, at 90 years old, spends 4-8 hours each day at her computer trading stocks. Her self-taught hobby keeps her sharp, stimulated, and an inspiration to her friends and neighbors.

Helen picked up trading half a decade ago to supplement her lifestyle. As a former teacher with no background in math or finance, she dedicated a year to learning the ropes, and the rest is history. The self-taught trader has mastered her craft and now even teaches fellow seniors who are interested in investing.

Helen says the support system and full-service lifestyle she enjoys at The Buckingham allow her to freely pursue the endeavor. On its part, the community supports intellectually stimulating activities such as this, given their proven benefits for residents. According to the National Institute on Aging, keeping your mind active as you grow older can increase happiness and improve memory and cognition.


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