Senior couple enjoying the outdoors in senior living.

What Is the Best Age to Move into Independent Living?

Many seniors debate with themselves about the best age to move into independent living. Some mistakenly think they should only move to a senior living community when they need health care. But independent living adds vibrancy as well as security to your retirement years.

An Active Lifestyle

Independent living promotes residents’ holistic health, starting with fun and easy exercise options. They provide varied choices so you can work out regularly without finding yourself bored by your normal routine. A selection of group classes is designed for all skill levels, so you can try new things. Have you always been curious about tai chi? Pop by a complimentary class and see if you like it. Pool-based workouts are fun and easy on your joints. And a fully equipped fitness center means you can fit in workouts around your schedule and design your own exercise session.

Friends and Neighbors

According to a report by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine (NASEM), about a quarter of older adults over age 65 are considered socially isolated[1],[2]. And this seclusion is no small concern. Social isolation has been linked to increased instances of stroke, dementia and heart disease. In independent living, you can form new friendships as you meet your neighbors, or perhaps some long-time friends already live in the community. Either way, maintaining a thriving social life becomes much easier.

Lifelong Learning

Independent living provides new opportunities to grow and try new interests and hobbies. Or you could reignite  an  old passion. Perhaps you used to love woodworking but haven’t used your skills recently. When there’s a woodworking studio in your senior living community, it’s easy to start creating again. If you like more formal learning, you’ll love the expert speakers who are invited to present on-site, as well as the formal library with books on a wide range of topics. If you’re someone who just loves to broaden their horizons, try any of the resident clubs and activities, and join in on the cultural outings arranged by the community. Nothing is mandatory, so you can participate as much or as little as you choose.

Maintenance-Free Living

Maybe you can cook a three-course meal, aerate the lawn, or unclog a toilet — but do you want to? The best age to move into independent living could just be when you’re done with the hassles and chores of homeownership. At a community, the maintenance team, housekeeping team, dining team and groundskeeping team are at your service. Let them handle the chores, so you can enjoy the lifestyle, spend time with family, and pursue your interests. At a senior living community, you’ll have an all-inclusive monthly fee, meaning you won’t pay extra for everyday repairs and services.

The Confidence of a Life Care Community

Thoughts of family members and other loved ones may help determine the timing of a move to a Life Care Community. Countless senior living residents have referred to their move as a gift they gave their children. Another reason the best age to move into independent living could be younger than you think is that one move could provide peace of mind for the rest of your life. You can worry less about what the future will bring, because a Life Care Community provides priority access to a full continuum of care if health challenges arise. This forward-thinking plan removes the burden on children or other family members to decide what to do in the midst of a crisis.

The Financial Benefits of Life Care

When healthy, active younger seniors move into independent living at a Life Care Community, they can qualify for Life Care. Life Care is a comprehensive residency agreement under which senior living residents can pay predictable monthly costs, no matter how their health care needs change in the future. These substantially reduced rates can add up to significant savings compared to medical costs in the open market.
If you think the best age to move into independent living could be soon and you’d like to retire in Houston, explore the unparalleled lifestyle at The Buckingham. Independent living residents find opportunities to thrive. Assisted living, skilled nursing and memory care will all be available if you need it in the future. Contact a member of our team online or call 713-979-3090 to find out more.