Testimonials from The Buckingham in Houston, TX

Deliberately independent, like you

What does it mean to live amid a deliberately independent lifestyle? It means you do what you like, forgo what you don’t. You set your own pace – mingle, move, dine and relax as you please. Here, this sort of self-directed happiness is a way of life. Your life, your way.

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See what the intriguing residents of The Buckingham have to say about the invigorating place they call home.

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This place is full of people who have lived such remarkable lives with so many noteworthy experiences. It's stimulating just listening to them – where they've been, who they've met, what they've done. Everybody is unique in their own way. Every person we meet has a story to tell, and it's wonderful hearing about all their life experiences.

Philip Baker

The Buckingham offers any kind of life you want. If you want to be totally involved, fine. If you don't want to be involved at all, that's also fine. I think that all the choices are wonderful, but even still, they're always asking us, 'What can we do for you? What would make you happier? Just let us know.' They truly do listen to the residents, and that's really important.

Penny Bryant

When we moved to The Buckingham, we expected we'd have a little more sedate life. That is simply not the case. We found it's a very active place. There are so many opportunities to really engage in a lifestyle that keeps you active, keeps you alert, and ultimately helps keep you youthful.

Jerry Hill

Living at The Buckingham has had a great impact on my life. It has helped me grow. I've learned new things about people and done things I would've never had the opportunity to do.

Gail Borgen

You've got to enjoy life. I don't care what age you are. And my mother found a home at The Buckingham like she’s always had, where she can have a lot of fun and a lot of friends. There's so much security in knowing there are folks around to take care of her if she needs it. She agrees it was the right choice for her.

Megan Mastal, daughter of resident

If my husband and I were still living at home, we'd get up in the morning, get in the car, go here and go there. Come home, make lunch, make dinner. But here you get up in the morning, go right downstairs and enjoy a meal that's been prepared for you. You're free to have fun, read in the library, attend a lecture, meet with friends. We have a lot of good things going for us here.

Elaine Harris