Coronavirus Updates 10.30.20

Oct. 30, 2020

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Our update this week is largely unchanged from news we’ve shared recently, which in the increased turmoil of this international pandemic is good news in itself.

While we continue to have no active resident cases, we did recently identify one COVID-positive team member. Through contact tracing, we believe this individual, a server on our culinary team, was likely exposed outside The Buckingham. They will retest soon and remain quarantined at home in the meantime.

While certainly disappointing, this is not altogether unexpected as cases in Houston and Harris County continue to be reported.  We’re confident by the sheer number of negative results we continue to receive that our testing strategy is doing its job.

On a positive note, we’re thrilled to see such interest in visitation across all levels of living. We understand how eager residents and their loved ones were for this opportunity, and we greatly appreciate everyone’s cooperation in making these visits safe and orderly. Please contact us at for any assistance in arranging a visit.

In another small step toward normalcy, on Tuesday, Nov. 3, we will begin to reopen our Windsor dining room. These structured meals will seat a limited capacity and will be largely dependent on our ability to keep our community case count low. Further details will be shared with residents on how they can make reservations.

For nearly all of us, these long months have seemed like our own personal version of Groundhog Day. While it’s easy and understandable for this repetition to lead to apathy, I urge all of us to stay vigilant and take the necessary steps to protect ourselves and those around us.   

Take care and stay well.

James Kneen,

Executive Director