Coronavirus Updates

December 3, 2020

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

As we approach the end of the year and the full Holiday Season embraces us I first and foremost want to wish you and your family the very best!  It has been a challenging year obviously, but there is still much to appreciate and celebrate!   

It has been two weeks since our last update and want to bring you up to date on what is going on at The Buckingham. We currently have five (5) people who have tested positive for the virus.  Three are staff members, one (1) in rehabilitation, and  two (2) in resident services.  Two (2) are residents, one (1) in Independent Living and one (1) in Memory Care.  The staff members are self-isolating at home and the residents are quarantined in their respective living spaces.      

Encouragingly, three of the five individuals (one staff member and the two residents) have received their first negative tests on the road to recovery.  We are cautiously optimistic they will receive their second negative test, and be recovered, within the near future..  Of the two (2) remaining staff members, one is currently testing for recovery and the second one is not yet eligible for recovery testing. 

The biggest news is that we are preparing for the vaccine release.  There are not yet a lot of details of when and how it will be distributed/administered but we are doing everything we can to be ready.  The last report was the initial doses may be available by the end of December, though it sounds more likely it will be early-mid January.  We have been exchanging information with one of the pharmacies that will be providing the vaccine and are waiting for further updates. 

Senior living communities, especially nursing homes and assisted living communities have been identified as high priority by the CDC.  Further, Harris County overall has been one of the top “hot-spots” in the nation, so that will add to the urgency of delivering the vaccine to our community.  Officials from the State of Texas will drive the supply and distribution of the vaccine based on their assessment of need. One of the initial realities is that the demand of the priority groups for the vaccine may outstrip the supply so we will need to remain patient as the situation evolves.

Please stay vigilant.  While we are definitely looking forward to the vaccine’s arrival, we are not letting our guard down and encourage you to do the same.  Given all of the holiday travel and gatherings that are occurring, I have heard predictions that January and February may actually be among the very worst months in terms of number cases and impact of the virus.  Everyone has been very diligent over the past nine (9) months, let’s keep it up.  Remember, masks, handwashing and physically distancing are still essential steps in your avoiding the virus.

Take care and stay healthy,

Jamie Kneen,

Executive Director