Coronavirus Updates

December 16, 2020

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

In a time of continuing uncertainty, these past few weeks of moderate stability have been welcomed by all of us at The Buckingham. We’re happy to report our one COVID-positive resident in memory care has fully recovered, which means we currently have no resident cases!

We did identify two additional COVID-positive team members this week, one from dining and one from skilled nursing. This brings our total cases to five (5) team members. These individuals continue to self-isolate at home, per our protocols, and we’re optimistic for their recoveries in quick time. 

The vaccine rollout remains top of mind for many of us. The current plan calls for the vaccination campaign to start the week of December 28.  We do not yet have  confirmation if The Buckingham will be included that week or the following week(s) of the rollout.  Further, we also don’t know if all residents and staff at The Buckingham will be offered the vaccine, or, due to the limited number of initial doses currently available, priority will be given to residents and staff in skilled nursing, assisted living and memory care. 

Please remember that the vaccine program is a very big and complicated program and must be carried out carefully due to the vaccine’s characteristics.  We are confident the vaccine is coming soon and that the specifics of “who/when” are still being determined.  As always, we appreciate everyone’s patience and will communicate the plan once our local health authorities provide further direction. Please continue to maintain the behaviors and precautions that remain our best defense against this virus – wearing masks, frequent handwashing and physical distancing.

Barring any significant developments, we will not have an update next week due to the holiday. Please watch for our next communique the week of December 28, at which point we should have more concrete direction on our vaccine strategy. If you have any questions or concerns in the meantime, don’t hesitate to connect with me or the leadership team at

I wish everyone a safe and merry holiday, and a very welcomed beginning to the New Year.

Take care and stay healthy,

Jamie Kneen,

Executive Director