Coronavirus Updates

January 14, 2021

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

With our attention firmly on our vaccination program, along with a continued vigilance to mitigate cases on campus, we find ourselves in a bit of a holding pattern as we await the next dose on Tuesday, Jan. 26.

While we anticipate nearly 400 residents and staff will receive their second dose, we’re optimistic those who didn’t participate in the first clinic in early January will agree to roll up their sleeves this time around. This includes caregivers and security staff who will now be eligible for the vaccine (a third clinic will be held on Feb. 16 to ensure everyone is able to receive the required two doses).

Unfortunately, despite the optimism this vaccine has brought, this week has been another reminder that the virus remains prevalent in our communities. At The Buckingham, we currently have 12 staff and 4 residents (2 from assisted living, 2 from independent living) who are COVID-positive.

Team members are self-isolating at their respective homes, and a number have already received their first negative test. Two of the residents, in accordance with our protocols, are quarantined in our dedicated COVID unit while two others remain hospitalized.

The leadership team has fielded a number of requests from residents and loved ones if we’ll begin to reopen our campus after the second dose. The short answer is yes, if the virus situation begins to improve. Our preliminary discussions are focused on easing restrictions in more resident-centric locations such as the fitness center or Rosewood Grill.

As we reiterated last week, for now these are just initial conversations, and more guidance and information are needed before we can consider making any changes operationally. This includes our visitation policy, which has the potential to tighten again if the situation in Houston/Harris County doesn’t improve.

For now, we ask for continued patience as we complete our vaccination clinics. As always, we strongly encourage everyone to continue to adhere to basic mitigation efforts to protect themselves and their loved ones – masks in any public space, wash hands frequently, and maintain social distance from others.

Take care and stay well.

James Kneen,

Executive Director