Coronavirus Updates

February 18, 2021

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen:

Like many of our friends and neighbors throughout Houston, we too have spent this week dealing with a multitude of challenges from this deep freeze and unprecedented stretch of weather. Thankfully, all residents are safe, albeit uncomfortable.

While we’re fortunate to have power, heat has been an area of concern. Our heat system is dependent on the city’s water pressure, which has been greatly reduced. We’ve made several contingency plans to rectify this issue and should have the system back to normal output later this afternoon.

As a precaution, we’ve temporarily moved residents who could potentially be affected by this disruption of heat to safer/warmer areas of the community. Our team has been calling family members directly to notify them and have been conducting regular “wellness checks” on all residents.

As a result of this weather, our final vaccination clinic scheduled for yesterday has been rescheduled for tomorrow. We anticipate about 150 residents and staff will receive their second dose.

COVID-19 testing has also been disrupted this week but will resume this afternoon. As such, we have no new cases to report. Currently, we have seven (7) positive cases on campus, six (6) team members and one (1) resident. Per our protocols, positive staff are self-isolating at home while the resident is quarantined in our on-site COVID unit.

We know the last few days have only exacerbated an already difficult situation. Please know our team is doing an outstanding job to deal with the multitude of issues this weather has produced. I’d like to give a particular kudos to the approximately 40 team members, who have joined me in staying on campus 24/7 this past week to ensure the needs of residents are being met.

With the weekend scheduled to bring sun and warmer temperatures, we’re hopeful the worst of this is behind us. As always, please direct any questions you may have to where our team will try to respond as quickly as possible.

Stay safe and stay warm. Please remember to mask up, wash your hands frequently and practice diligent social distancing.

James Kneen

Executive Director