Fall fireplace decorations

4 Fall Decorating Tips for Senior Living Apartments

There’s nothing like autumn in Texas. Cool weather, crisp mornings, and the promise of holiday happiness right around the corner. And, of course, fall decorations. While senior living apartments may not have quite as many spaces to fill with fall decorations, you can still share the season with these fun fall decorating tips.

Pumpkins and Gourds Galore

Pumpkin decoration

Nothing says “fall is here” like pumpkins and gourds. Miniature pumpkins and ornamental gourds are perfect for those in senior apartments who don’t want to lug around the full-size variety. Today, mini ornamental gourds come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and color variations.

And while the standard orange hue of a pumpkin immediately sparks that fall feeling, why settle for standard? If you’re leaning toward a fall decorating tip that makes use of larger, more traditional pumpkins, you can easily beautify your creation in a number of ways to showcase your unique style. Paint, bedazzle and adorn pumpkins in any way you wish before placing them on display. A few especially clever ideas include:

– Carve out the inside of your pumpkin to turn it into a beautiful autumnal flower vase.

– Print off copies of family photos and create a decoupage collage pumpkin. All you’ll need is Mod Podge and your favorite photos.

– Paint your pumpkin with black chalkboard paint, grab some chalk, and create a spooky-themed black and white pumpkin featuring your original artwork.

DIY Wreaths

Fall wreath decorations

Next to carving jack-o-lanterns, creating your own fall wreath is the next most popular seasonal crafting activity. And it couldn’t be simpler. Just buy a plain grapevine wreath or a foam wreath from your local hobby store; the rest is up to your personal taste. You’re encouraged to let your creativity loose, but these fall decorating tips will give your wreath the feel that autumn’s in  the air:

– Layer your wreath with rich red, orange and yellow artificial leaves you can purchase at any hobby store.

– Use a glue gun to completely fill your wreath with pecans. Just make sure each nut is tightly packed, and you’ll create a lovely single material display.

– Buy faux apples of varying sizes and hot glue them to a simple grapevine wreath. Scatter the apples around the wreath or nestle them neatly at the bottom with some golden wheat.

– Grab an old book you’re finished with and cut the pages into leaf shapes. Then just layer them around the wreath along with artificial flowers in fall hues for a unique door decoration.

– Use colorful flint corn and husks to adorn a foam wreath. Simply spread the corn husks around the wreath as a base layer, and then assemble the corn into a circle around the wreath, making sure to alternate colors.

Fall Centerpiece

Fall centerpiece decoration

Along with seasonal throws, rugs, pillows and fall decorations, an eye-catching centerpiece can bring fall into your home. It can be as simple as bringing the outdoors in by filling a wooden bowl with red, orange and yellow leaves surrounded by a small pumpkin. If you don’t want to carve your own pumpkin, many craft stores have ceramic pumpkins that can be used with artificial votive lights or filled with fresh flowers for a truly seasonal arrangement. If you’re feeling especially crafty, consider buying a foam base and attaching a cornucopia of flint corn, wheat and berry garlands to it. Whatever you choose, a fun idea is to scent your centerpiece with cinnamon sticks or another favorite fall fragrance.

Fall Foliage on Display

Fall foliage decoration

Achieving that special fall ambience in senior living apartments isn’t only for craft enthusiasts. Anyone can create an autumn-inspired apartment with a few key fall flowers in the right places. Any flower combination — including yellows, reds, peaches and orange shades — is perfect for vases or pumpkin vases. Attaching flowers to knotty branches also creates a stunning display. However you choose to showcase them, these fall flowers are ideal for lovely fall decorations:

– Mums

– Roses

– Daffodils

– Ranunculus

– Calla lilies

– Tulips

– Viburnum

– Kale leaves

– Hypericum berries

An Autumn Resort at The Buckingham

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