A Plethora of Opportunities – Staying Active at The Buckingham

Seven years ago, Gail Borgen and her late husband embarked on a new chapter and moved to The Buckingham. After touring multiple communities, the beauty at The Buckingham made it stand out among the rest, and the couple was immediately drawn to the incredible staff and the wonderful people.

Gail was already a Houston resident before she moved in, so she’s happy she can remain active in her local church and book club, thanks to the transportation provided by The Buckingham. She also serves on a lifestyle committee at The Buckingham, plays mahjong regularly with other residents, and enjoys spending time outside and in the beautiful wellness center.

“You can be as active as you want here, and still be active outside of the community as well,” said Gail. “You have choices, and the staff really supports us.”

After Winter Storm Uri hit Houston and people all over the city experienced the freeze, Gail was extra thankful to live at The Buckingham. Not having to personally deal with the difficulties of homeownership takes a huge burden off her shoulders. If you need so much as a lightbulb changed, The Buckingham staff will take care of it.

“The service is unmatched,” said Gail. “I’m thankful every day for the caring staff and the lovely residents at The Buckingham.”