Visitor Turned Resident: Jill Bott Loves Her Active Lifestyle at The Buckingham

Jill Bott moved to the Buckingham from the city of Lakeway, just outside of Austin, Texas. After years of traveling to The Buckingham to visit a friend and spending time exploring the grounds and getting to know the residents during these visits, it was a very easy decision for her to make the move. With no relatives in Austin and a daughter in Houston, Jill knew she wanted to be closer to family. She didn’t even consider any other options because of how positively impressed she was with everything about The Buckingham. Some of her favorite aspects include how wonderful the food is, how the staff is incredibly accommodating and how everyone you meet at the community is so kind and happy.

“I just think the staff is fantastic. Everything they do is done with a smile,” said Jill. “They’re so helpful no matter what you want or need. It’s as though they are honored to help make our life easier.”

Since transitioning to life at The Buckingham, Jill keeps a busy schedule during the week, staying active in The Buckingham community. She heads up a Mahjong group and plays a lot of Rummikub. Jill believes the key to fully enjoying The Buckingham is getting involved in the many activities it has to offer and socializing with the wonderful residents. She also loves spending time outside in the beautiful Buckingham garden where you can watch woodpeckers gather and hear birds singing in a serene and peaceful setting.

Jill believes her move to The Buckingham was the best decision she could have made for her children. Knowing Jill is happy, settled and well taken care of puts her family at ease and allows her children to enjoy their lives without worrying, which makes Jill feel at ease and happy as well.