Newfound Freedom & Improved Health: Kay & Charlie Handly Enjoy a New Chapter at The Buckingham

Kay and Charlie Handly moved to The Buckingham after 46 years together in their home. Kay knew it was time to make a change when Charlie began having short-term memory problems, and believes it was the best decision they could have ever made. While Charlie was initially reluctant to make the move, he’s now thriving at The Buckingham, and Kay has seen his memory improve through the increased activity and brain stimulation that community living brings.

“People think when you move to a retirement community that your world gets smaller, but our world’s gotten bigger, and Charlie’s world has really gotten bigger and bigger,” said Kay.

Living at The Buckingham has allowed Kay and Charlie the freedom to explore the beautiful campus without worry. The couple now enjoys life without the burdens of household maintenance and home repairs they faced when living alone.

Kay continues to participate in activities outside of The Buckingham, such as attending
St. Martin’s Episcopal Church, participating in her needlepoint group, and giving tours at Bayou Bend. She also enjoys the wide variety of activities at The Buckingham, such as serving on the board for the Foundation and on the committee that plans outings and activities for other residents. 

Charlie also stays active; he can often be found winning a game of pool in the billiard room or participating in the weekly putting tournaments. He and Kay also go to daily exercise classes. The Buckingham is full of people with interesting backgrounds, hobbies and stories. For Kay and Charlie, the people are hands down what make The Buckingham the best place to call home. The couple is grateful for the wonderful friendships they’ve established since beginning this new chapter in their lives.

“I get a little teary-eyed when I think about how happy I am living at The Buckingham,” said Kay.