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The Benefits of Moving to Independent Living Sooner

Think senior independent living means monotonous days, dreary surroundings, and sitting in a rocking chair while wearing a housecoat and eating bland food? Think again. Today’s independent living communities feel more like a vacation.

They’re the best places to spend your retirement years, especially if you’re a senior who cherishes security, good health, meaningful activities, and vibrant living in the company of friends, new and old. Independent living allows you to continue aging in place – only it’s a new place that meets all your health care needs while freeing  you to maintain your independence.

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When to move to senior living

Many younger seniors who are planning for their golden years may wonder, “What’s the best age to move into independent living?” Hint: It’s sooner rather than later. The right time depends on your situation, but you don’t want to look back and think, “I wish I had done this sooner.”

Seniors often regret staying so long in their home and waiting to make a move to a community-based setting. Why? Because they discover with so much to do and so many people to meet, retirement life in an independent living community is more rewarding and active than they imagined.

If you’re considering when to move to independent living, you can certainly make the transition when your health starts to decline. But that means you’ll miss out on the lively and interactive setting of a community. There’s so much to experience when you live in a senior community of spirited individuals.

There’s not a best age to move into independent living, but the sooner you move, the sooner you can start enjoying these 5 senior living benefits that make community living a far better value than staying at home. 

1. No more maintenance hassles. Worrying about yard work, small repairs, plumbing, and costly home maintenance projects are a thing of the past when you move to independent living. Fewer chores and less work means more time to devote to the things you love, explore new opportunities, and keep your mind sharp and body active.

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2. Delicious dining options. There’s no need to cook and clean up (unless, of course, you want to) when you’re surrounded by 5-star cuisine and multiple dining venues. Enjoy exceptional dining services and healthy meals when and where you want. You can grab something to go and take it home, or break bread and have lively mealtime conversations with fellow residents in common dining areas.

3. An abundance of things to see and do. Senior independent living means there’s always something meaningful to do, including volunteering, cultural events, recreational day trips, shopping excursions and leisure activities. Residents also have more opportunities for intellectual engagement than they would in a home setting through on-campus guest speakers and educational offerings. A community setting also allows you to stay fit through wellness programs and in-house fitness centers. You’ll have access to physical activities (think: swimming, aerobics, yoga, weight training, exercise classes) you wouldn’t likely have had before moving into an independent senior living community.

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4. Social connections at every turn. Many senior living residents have broader social circles and forge meaningful friendships more quickly than they would if they were  living at home. Why? Because there are so many activities to bring residents together, which means you’re always just steps away from meeting someone who shares your interests or worldview.

5. Easy access to a lifetime of care. Life Plan Communities (also known as Continuing Care Retirement Communities or CCRCs) offer a continuum of care through independent living, assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing and rehabilitation. A move to senior living provides a priceless sense of security for you and your loved ones. When to move to independent living is while you’re still healthy and active – you can have peace of mind knowing you’ll have the necessary care you need if your health ever changes. 

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What is independent living?

At The Buckingham, independent living means diverse dining options, a full calendar of activities, thoughtfully convenient services and amenities, the reassurance of lifetime care, and dashes of luxury sprinkled into everyday life.

Moving while you’re a younger senior allows you to maintain your freedom and independent lifestyle, get adjusted to a vibrant community environment in the company of other interesting people, and begin the retirement life you’ve yet to live.

Here, independent living is:

  • Having someone to take care of housekeeping and interior and exterior maintenance
  • Taking a refreshing swim and soaking up the sunshine in an outdoor pool  
  • Eating healthy and delicious food where you want, when you want
  • Enjoying peace of mind through 24-hour security in a gated community
  • Keeping your golf game sharp on an on-campus putting green
  • Honing your craft at a woodworking shop
  • Exploring your creative side at an art studio
  • Looking your best with weekly visits to the beauty salon or barbershop
  • Browsing the library for literary treasures
  • Flexing your green thumb in a resident garden
  • Expanding your horizons and mind through lifelong education opportunities and guest lectures  
  • Dialing a concierge or valet when you need transportation services.
  • Surrounding yourself with other fascinating people who are also carving a path of possibilities and purpose

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A future plan + A place for life = Life Care

Whatever your future holds, our Life Care plan means you’ll have a full range of support and continuum of health care in one setting – from retirement to end of life. You’ll be comfortably and compassionately supported by our team of friendly, familiar faces right within the community you call home.

In addition to premium services and amenities, Life Care residents at The Buckingham have priority access to the appropriate level of care at significant savings for as long this care is  needed. It offers the most comprehensive peace of mind if and when you need additional assistance in the future.

Other advantages of Life Care include:

  • Fixed monthly fees
  • Refundable entrance fees to safeguard your estate
  • Guaranteed priority access to assisted living, memory support, skilled nursing and rehab
  • Significant savings on rising medical care costs
  • Potential tax benefits

Still wondering when to move to senior living? Learn more about independent living and Life Care at The Buckingham, Houston’s premier senior living community.