Garnett “Pinky” Pampell, a resident at The Buckingham, a senior living community in Houston

Pinky Pampell Leads by Example at The Buckingham

Garnett “Pinky” Pampell is a builder. Driven by Christian values and a relentless appetite to help Houston’s most vulnerable, she donates considerable time and money to a list of projects as long as they are diverse.

“I get so much satisfaction from helping people,” said Pampell, who firmly believes if you have more than you need, pay it forward.

Women and children are a particular focus: Star of Hope Mission; Brookwood Community; and Gracewood, where she just had a duplex built for two young families. Education is also close to her heart: the online school at Houston Baptist University; a chapel and maintenance building at Houston Christian High School; and a kids’ camp on 34 acres of personal land.

“If I can help lift children up, it truly is my pride and joy,” she added.

Pampell moved into The Buckingham last fall but concedes she should have done it five years earlier. With a hectic schedule between her business and philanthropic commitments, the community is a place for her to unwind and enjoy.

“It’s the best retirement community in Houston, as far as I’m concerned.”