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It’s natural to have questions at each step along the senior living journey. But that doesn’t mean the journey has to be overwhelming. With the right information from a reliable resource, you can confidently make decisions that bring you or your family member happiness.

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Begin your journey with a clear understanding of what care options are available at The Buckingham and the pricing structure.

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Download our lifestyle brochure with helpful insights on the advantages of a senior living community from an insider’s perspective. We dispel common myths and reveal how refined, exciting and rewarding senior living is.

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Our premier senior living community in Houston is brimming with engaging people, inspiring experiences, and luxurious amenities. Discover a future filled with connection and purpose by learning more about our community.
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Is it the right time for senior living?

Learn about your options and get personalized results in about 4 minutes.
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Meet the Buckingham

The Buckingham is not only the definitive luxury retirement community in Houston, it’s also a community where the rewarding lifestyle you’ve worked for is flourished each day by being surrounded by exceptional people and amenities. Where unparalleled hospitality and service are complemented by the unmatched security of having a plan for life.

“Residents are friendly and interesting. The medical care was just rated #1 in Texas. We love it here!”

Walter Z, Resident