Senior woman with laptop at a table using AI technology known as Alexa

How Can Seniors Benefit From Using AI Technology?

Everyone can benefit from using AI, also known as artificial intelligence, to some extent. For older adults, this may include using AI to stay in touch with friends and family, for home safety reasons and to keep up with things like hobbies and exercise.

AI Makes Communication Easier for Everyone

Artificial intelligence has opened the doors for anyone with communication disabilities to socialize better with others. For example, AI can power certain speech-to-text applications, which allows those with hearing disabilities or impairments to read rather than listen to others in person or on the phone.

For seniors who may have trouble using a smartphone or similar device, AI technologies can make using that device easier. For example, devices fitted with AI features may support voice commands, so seniors can verbally tell their devices to send text messages to friends and family members with ease.

AI for a Safer Home

Perhaps one of the best benefits for seniors who use AI is enhanced safety. Home devices and wearable technology that use artificial intelligence may automatically lock doors at a certain time, which is extremely beneficial for anyone at any age who wants to live at home securely. Additionally, AI users may be able to install security cameras at home that record suspicious activity both inside and outside.

For older adults, AI can be used to monitor certain health conditions, providing extra safety. Some devices, like smartwatches, may be able to detect unusual breathing, heart rates and even falls of the person wearing the device. In some cases, the device may be able to automatically call for emergency help. Seniors can also ask AI assistants wellness-related questions or ask the assistant to help in scheduling doctor’s appointments.

AI Can Help with Finances

Seniors sometimes need help with performing ADLs, also known as activities of daily living, such as bathing, getting dressed and eating. Individuals may also need help with IADLs, also known as instrumental activities of daily living, which include things like cleaning, driving and managing finances.

For those who need help in managing finances, AI can be used to assist with money tracking, investment advice and retirement planning assistance. Additionally, AI can be utilized to help track and detect cases of fraud, which helps seniors keep their finances safe.

Exercise with AI

AI-powered applications can help seniors stay active if they are unable to meet with a fitness coach in person. While these applications should still only be used under the direction of a medical professional, they can provide fitness plans that are tailored to each individual’s needs. These applications challenge users each time they perform a workout, which makes it easy for older adults to build up stamina and muscle mass over time.

Hobbies or Learning with AI

Lifelong education is important for the brain health of older adults, and certain applications that use AI make it easy to learn through fun and engaging programming and activities. For example, many apps that help users learn a new language use AI to make the learning experience more personal for each user.

While AI is not a replacement for any senior care provider, AI can help individuals live more independently, whether or not they require higher levels of care. If you or a family member wants to know more about what senior care entails, contact The Buckingham and learn more about independent living, assisted living, memory care and skilled nursing options today. Call us at (713) 730-2633 or click here to submit a form.