part of a community that thrives on tradition and flair.

Meet the neighbors. Our residents are people with fascinating backgrounds and interesting life experiences. Not only do they have strong values, but they act upon them with passion. They give back to the community in many ways, from taking environmental action to volunteering for special causes.

Independent Living residents also volunteer their time in Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing, and Memory Care for fellow residents. These are just a few ways your neighbors become deeply involved with their community.

Hear from our residents, as well as their sons and daughters.

Margaret Hare is an SQLC Board Member and a resident of The Buckingham.

Margaret Hare: "This is independence with safety.”

Margaret: "The ‘what ifs’ of seniors living alone are forever a concern. The constant worry about household emergencies or personal health emergencies is always in the back of our minds and in the minds of our children. Most of us would rather make the decisions for ourselves, while we can, than have someone else, such as our children, make them for us.

This is not an ‘old folk’s’ home. This is independence with safety. For the first time, we can travel, take classes, read all the books we had planned to read, play bridge, learn mah-jongg, paint—you name it. If we are on a trip we don’t have to worry about the house, the sprinkler system, or any of the other what ifs.’"

- Margaret Hare

Dick and Sandy Humphrey are Independent Living residents at The Buckingham. Dick is also the President of the Resident Council. Dick worked in financial services marketing at the corporate level for most of his career, until he retired from Morgan Stanley.

Sandy Humphrey: "The Buckingham is a wonderful place to have visitors. My children and grandchildren refer to it as ‘the Cruise Ship on Land.’"

Sandy: "The people at The Buckingham are what make The Buckingham so special. We are a family. It's a very comfortable feeling. The Buckingham is a neighborhood! I exercise, play bingo, bridge and mah-jongg. I also am able to enjoy activities in the surrounding communities, as well as volunteering at the Plaza."

Dick Humphrey: "Our move to The Buckingham was not something we needed to do, as we are in good health. Nor was it something we wanted to do, as we were happy in our home. However it was something we thought we should do while we could make that decision for ourselves."

Dick: "Life Care was an important factor in selecting The Buckingham, as other places don’t offer that.

On the Resident Council, we work with management to identify ways we can improve life at The Buckingham. When you live somewhere, you see things that you don’t necessarily see when you’re on the staff.

Some of our initiatives are a campaign to raise funds for employee bonuses (we’re not allowed to tip staff). We developed the New Resident Orientation Program. We have different committees that work with the Management in different areas. For example, the Dining Committee works with residents to give their opinions on dining choices.

One of my favorite activities is to go to my old golf club. I have continued with all the activities I enjoyed previously. We’re not bound to The Buckingham but go out and enjoy our old pastimes.

The best features of The Buckingham are the people who live here."

- Dick and Sandy Humphrey

Lyn Flynt has been a resident at The Buckingham for four years now. Before she moved here, she told herself that she would give herself a two-year period and if she wasn’t satisfied, she would leave. But after only two months, she knew she would stay permanently. She says that life at The Buckingham is everything that she had hoped it would be.

Lyn Flynt: "I’ve traveled and dined all over the world, but the Executive Chef at The Buckingham does grilled salmon best.”

Lyn: “I chose The Buckingham because it is the best retirement community in town and the only one that provides Life Care. And I can’t say how happy I am with this decision. I have introduced six or seven friends who have already moved in. And two more are on the waiting list.

It was important for me to make the decision myself and not have my children have to make it for me at a later date. I personally haven’t used Life Care but it was definitely a contributing factor to my decision.

I can’t think of anything offhand that can’t be taken care of here, or brought from elsewhere. There’s nothing in the Houston area that compares with The Buckingham. We have a very accommodating and wonderful staff. It’s a lovely, pampered way to live. There is such a sense of elegance.

This is a lovely community. You are in touch with many more people here. We have so many different groups; poker groups, bridge groups, etc. There is such an atmosphere of friendliness. I enjoy the fellowship here and I enjoy the people. There are fascinating people from different backgrounds and all walks of life. The camaraderie in the dining room during the special events is simply wonderful. I have experienced so many special moments here, like wonderful New Years’ parties, Halloween parties, and they all add to the spirit of friendliness.

You can choose whatever you feel like doing on any given day. You can be a little involved or very involved. You can have as much company as you want or be as alone as you want. It is entirely up to you. I am a very happy person here. It’s a great place to live."

- Lyn Flynt

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