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Top Podcasts To Start Now

In today’s world of modern technology, with smartphones, laptop computers and wireless internet at your fingertips, there are more opportunities to learn, be entertained and stay up to date on current events than ever before. A great way to take advantage of this is to listen to podcasts. There are so many top-rated podcasts to listen to, and these top podcasts can be easily found and played on your smartphone or computer. From news and current events to top educational podcasts to virtually any topic you can think of, once you start listening, you’re sure to discover hours of fun and fascination.

What is a Podcast?

A podcast is just like a prerecorded radio talk show, interview, or lecture that you can access from the internet and listen to whenever you want. They’re audio only. No video. There’s usually a host who talks about a particular subject for a certain length of time, typically an hour or less. Often a guest who’s an expert will join the host and they’ll have a conversation. The topics are as wide-ranging as you can imagine. From modern politics to ancient history, from science to sports, from health to hobbies, from cooking to quilting, there are literally hundreds of top-rated podcasts available with subjects that interest you.

How Do You Access a Podcast?

You can download a podcast app to your smartphone from your phone’s app store, or you can use the internet to visit a podcast website on your computer. There are many podcast apps to choose from, and most smartphones even come with a podcast app already installed. iPhones come with Apple Podcast, and Android phones come with Google Podcast. You can also download any number of other podcast apps once you get a feel for the kind of podcast provider service you prefer. For instance, most podcast apps are free, or have a free option, but make you listen to commercials. For some, you can choose to pay a membership fee, so that you don’t hear advertisements. 

Some Apps That Provide Top-Rated Podcasts

• Spotify

• Overcast

• Pocket Casts

• Acast

• Stitcher

Which Podcasts Are Right for You?

This question is easy to answer. You already know what your interests and hobbies are. There’s a seemingly endless supply of top-rated podcasts for curious people of all ages. Just click on the app and then search for topics that you find appealing. Many podcast app Home pages will show a list of top podcasts for that service, or their latest releases, using titles like Top Podcasts 2020, or Top Educational Podcasts. You can also click on the Search icon that appears on the Home page, usually indicated by an illustrated magnifying glass. Type in a word or phrase such as “modern science” or “the Civil War,” and see what it recommends for you. You could also type “top podcasts 2020” into your internet search browser to see what’s new and popular. You might find an entirely new topic that catches your eye — and ears.

Some Top-Rated Podcasts

• TED Talks

• Freakonomics Radio

• The Stuff You Missed in History Class

• This American Life

• Science Friday

You may also want to search specifically for popular podcasts for seniors. The search results may include health podcasts for seniors, an extremely popular topic for those with long-term health goals and an active lifestyle. You may find it uplifting to listen to inspirational or spiritual podcasts. You might prefer to unwind with a podcast about stress reduction techniques and relaxation. The choice is yours with so many podcasts for seniors on topics that entertain, educate and inspire every time you listen. 

Some Special-Interest Podcasts for Seniors

• Better Health While Aging

• Not Older – Better

• Aging in Full Bloom

• Living to 100 Club

• Lux Radio Theatre

Residents of Texas will find a wide range of podcasts that cover the history, people and current events taking place in the Lone Star state. Listening to locally inspired podcasts is a terrific way to stay informed about the history, culture, economics, and politics in Texas and the Houston area.

Some Texas and Houston Top Podcasts

• Wise About Texas

• Texas Matters

• Texas Standard

• Texas Take by The Houston Chronicle

• Houston We Have a Podcast

Lifelong Learning Made Easy With Podcasts

Listening to podcasts is a great way to enrich your life with entertainment, mental stimulation and lifelong learning. It can keep you informed, give you new insights, and spark conversations with friends and family. At The Buckingham, we understand that keeping your mind sharp helps you enjoy active, fun and fulfilling days. Listening to podcasts can be a great addition to your continued desire to learn and grow.

If you’d like to learn more about the cultural and intellectual inspiration available at The Buckingham and pursue new learning opportunities that will encourage your best life, contact us through our website, or call us at 713-979-3090.