Two Buckingham Residents Rekindle Their Love More than 65 Years After Attending High School Prom

Jerry Hill and Mary Nelson, 85 respectfully, residents at The Buckingham, a premier senior living community in Houston, are living proof that you’re never too old for love. The couple, who dated in high school and were each other’s dates to the senior prom, reconnected and rekindled their love in 2020, after more than 65 years.

“Our fondness for each other grew into love,” said Mary. “We share so much and it’s so right for us to be together, to love each other and be there to take care of each other. I feel we are blessed to share this time of our lives together.”

Jerry and Mary grew up together in Munster, Indiana. The two of them enjoyed going to the movies together, watching TV and hanging out at each other’s houses. After dating in high school and attending prom, they went their separate ways. Jerry joined the military, then studied to be a meteorologist, leading him to work at the NASA Johnson Space Center. Mary remained in Munster, got married and had her three daughters.

“I will never regret the past because it gave me my three beautiful daughters which are my biggest blessings,” said Mary. “I am so grateful for where my life has led me today, so I can be with Jerry here at the Buckingham.”

The couple, who are both widowed, reconnected after more than 65 years apart through a Facebook alumni group. In the spring of 2020, Mary shared with the group that she was sad to see her local pastor leave their church for an opportunity in Houston. Jerry responded saying that the pastor was at his church now. From there, the two of them hit it off and enjoyed reflecting on the years they grew up together, the people they knew and their families.

The two used FaceTime for more than 15 months before meeting in person due to the pandemic. After being vaccinated, Jerry flew up to Pennsylvania where Mary was living at the time to visit her.
“I was so excited when we finally met in person. Jerry put his arms around me, hugged me, and gave me a big kiss. It felt so wonderful to be in his arms, not alone anymore and with that special someone,” said Mary.

The two kept going back and forth between Houston and Pennsylvania trying to spend as much time as possible with each other. Eventually, Jerry asked Mary to move in with him at The Buckingham.

“I love our life here at The Buckingham,” said Jerry. “We have loved trying new hobbies and getting to spend time with our friends and family, including my two children who live in Houston. There is always something for us to do together and the community has brought us closer than we could ever imagine.”
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