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What to Look for in a Senior Living Community

If you’re contemplating whether Mom or Dad may benefit from a move to a senior living community, it’s important to become as informed as possible. So if you’re In search of help for aging parents after spotting signs things aren’t what they used to be, consider these key factors when comparing your available options.

From knowing what to look for in assisted living, memory support, and other health services to finding the right questions to ask senior living communities when you visit, we hope you’ll use this blog post as a helpful point of reference. You should also understand there are a lot more options than traditional nursing homes from years ago.

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Beginning Your Research

  • Include your loved one in the process from the start.
  • Work to understand their top priorities along with your own.
  • Determine the geographic area in which you want to focus your search.
  • Begin by making a list of options in your preferred area and acquaint yourself with their offerings.
  • Find out about any upfront costs and what they include — do the same for any monthly fees.
  • Get to know what kind of on-site health care each community provides — this is valuable when thinking about the long term.

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Taking a Closer Look

  • Plan to attend upcoming informational events — these can quickly give you a greater level of detail about each of the communities you’re considering, and help you narrow your search.
  • Once you have a more refined list of viable options, schedule time to visit the communities.
  • Sit down with a sales counselor or another informed team member to discuss how the community can address your needs.
  • While you’re there, be sure to ask plenty of questions — speaking with various staff members and current residents can give you a well-rounded perspective.

Questions to Ask Senior Living Communities

  • What is daily community life like?
  • What are the biggest senior living benefits in the eyes of those who live and work there?
  • Is there a strong social support system among neighbors?
  • What types of senior living amenities, common spaces, community services and dining options are available?
  • Are there opportunities for continued health and wellness?
  • Is there a calendar of scheduled activities and programs that keep residents engaged?
  • What happens if a loved one needs more assistance with their daily life or an increased level of regular medical attention?
  • How is the community staffed and how long is the tenure of the average employee?
  • What kinds of nursing standards or certifications does the community require?
  • Has the community received high ratings from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services or any other national organizations?
  • Are families welcome to visit any time?
  • What is the community’s pet policy?
  • Are there transportation services available?

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Questions to Ask Yourself and Your Loved One(s)

  • What was your first impression?
  • Do staff members treat residents and colleagues with care and respect?
  • Is the community located in an ideal location?
  • Does it feel safe and secure?
  • Will your loved one still be able to remain closely connected to family and friends?
  • Do available floor plans provide adequate space, comfort and convenience?
  • Can you imagine the community feeling like home?
  • Were you satisfied with the dining options?
  • Do you feel any upfront and/or monthly fees are substantiated?
  • Is the community equipped to meet both current needs and any potential future changes?
  • During your visit to the community, did you feel those you spoke with took the time to listen and understand your questions and concerns?
  • Is the community a place you feel confident recommending to your loved one(s)?

Whether you’re in the early stages of your search, determining what to look for in assisted living, memory care and other health services, or getting close to a final decision, we want to be a partner you can count on. Contact us to schedule a tour, or simply a time to discuss all the questions you have about The Buckingham or any other option in the area.