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When Is the Best Time to Move to Independent Living?

There’s no such thing as the “perfect” time to move to independent living. But, if you’re feeling anxious about your future decisions as an older adult, it might be unclear when the time is right to make the change. 

While it’s common to move residences after a health or housing crisis, sometimes there are less obvious reasons that may prompt you to move to independent living.

By weighing your needs and priorities before you decide, you can make the best choice for your present and future. Let’s go over the leading reasons why seniors have been moving to independent living sooner rather than later.

Top Reasons to Move to Independent Living Sooner

Independent living can have a transformative impact on older adults, allowing them to reimagine retirement on their own terms. For this reason, the advantages of independent living are best leveraged when you’re still active and excited to engage with new experiences, activities and social circles. 

Here are the top reasons why you might choose independent living to better enjoy your life:

1. To Give Yourself Full Choice

To start, you may be ready to move to an independent living community if you want to give yourself complete control over your options – under your own timeframe. 

Researching and touring independent living communities as soon as possible ensures you can pick the right place with the lifestyle and amenities you’re looking for as well as a floor plan that fits your needs and budget.

2. Reduce Isolation 

One of the top benefits of moving to independent living is connecting with a close-knit community where you can meet fascinating people who share your interests and have stimulating conversations daily. 

Reducing isolation is also good for your health and can help prolong your life as you age. For example, research shows that loneliness may increase the risk of dementia, heart disease, stroke, depression and hospitalization. 

3. Plan for Your Future

For those who worry about the future, it’s worth having peace of mind that you’re in a safe, engaging community with a range of health services. 

Moving to an independent living community gives you a sense of relief and security, which allows you to focus on retirement goals. Independent living gives you control of your options as your health needs evolve over time, helping you better prepare for the unpredictable future.

4. Eliminate Household Chores

Housekeeping, home maintenance, yardwork and more … these tasks may become more cumbersome as you age. If you’re ready to let go of these household chores, an independent living community may be the answer.

With your new free time, you can connect with peers, enjoy your hobbies, and pursue your retirement interests – all while the community takes care of all these chores and logistics.

5. Enjoy Nutritious Meals

As you get older, it can also be more challenging or time-consuming to buy groceries and cook nutritious meals. With independent living, you no longer have the burden of cooking unless you choose. 

Instead, you can relish in the fine dining options available on The Buckingham’s campus and enjoy high-quality, chef-prepared meals that are varied, well-balanced and delicious. 

6. Take in Beautiful Surroundings

While your family home may be filled with good memories, it’s possible that it’s not the best option for the entirety of your retirement years. Independent living strikes a balance between having beautiful spaces and ensuring you’re in a safe and comfortable environment. 

At The Buckingham, you can explore new areas such as the library, fitness area, game rooms, wood shop and art studio, in addition to your own gorgeous private apartment. You won’t feel overwhelmed by spaces that are too large, lonely, or difficult to navigate. Instead, your home in an independent living community will feel just right.

Further, you can be satisfied knowing that your – near or far – know that you are safe and comfortable at all times. 

7. Entertain Friends and Family

Living in an independent living community allows you to entertain friends and family from the comfort of your new home. 

Instead of worrying about cooking and cleaning to prepare for guests, you can invite folks over without a second thought and show them a good time with the wealth of dining options and amenities built into your independent living community. Overnight guests can stay with you in your apartment or you can reserve one of the guest suites available. This makes it easy to host guests and be proud of where you live. 

8. Explore the Larger Community

Independent living also encourages exploration of the larger neighborhood or city surrounding the community. Whether you decide to go explore downtown Houston with a few of your new and lifelong friends, or have brunch in the Galleria area, you are close to the hustle and bustle of Houston.

9. Get Support Navigating Your New Life

When you move to an independent living community, you won’t have to do it alone. As you navigate your new life and begin to explore all that it offers, you’ll feel encouraged by the team and the community’s residents who are always available to answer questions and help you feel at home.. 

For example, team members will help you during the transition by offering move-in assistance and seamless integration into daily life. The Activities Director can also connect you with potential things to do or recommend new neighbors for you to meet. The Resident Welcoming Committee is there to answer questions and tell you who to call with questions and needs.  With this support, you won’t feel overwhelmed as you build this new chapter of your life.

10. Choose Your Own Adventure Every Day

Independent living can boost your sense of well-being and adventure during retirement. If you’re excited by the idea of designing your days and taking in new experiences, you may be ready to make a change. 

Ultimately, you can choose your own adventure every day at an independent living community – whatever your retirement goals may be. 

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