Ken Snyder, a resident at The Buckingham, posing for a photo with members of The Buckingham's board

Paying It Forward: Resident Starts Scholarship Fund for Team Members at The Buckingham

Earlier this year, 98-year-old resident Ken Snyder was eager to find a way to show his appreciation to team members at The Buckingham for their generosity, professionalism and kindness since he moved into the senior living community six years ago.

“Ken’s been very clear; The Buckingham saved his life,” says executive director, Darrell Sheaffer. “He came to our community a few years ago and was really taken by the care he received from our team members – they’re responsible for his longevity.”

Recently, Ken donated $25,000 to start a scholarship fund for team members at The Buckingham to support their educational aspirations. He hopes the gesture will inspire other residents who have the financial means to follow his lead with similar contributions to the fund.
The Buckingham has notified team members of this incredible opportunity, which will support their pursuit of various forms of advanced education through multiple scholarships.

“This gesture is a testimony to the incredibly close bonds many of our residents and team members develop,” adds Sheaffer. “Of the hundreds of senior living communities in the state, we’re one of seven that has a 5-Star rating. This is without a doubt due to our team members and their approach and passion to provide the best possible care for residents.”