Retire in Houston, learn about all the things to do in Houston.

Retiring in Houston

Retirement is meant to be a celebration of a lifetime of hard work and accomplishments – a chapter in life when you finally have the time to engage your interests and discover new ones. Where you choose to retire is an important factor in how you’ll spend these golden years. If you’re interested in learning more about retirement communities in Houston, you’re about to discover what the locals already know – Houston is a fantastic place to retire. There are so many fun things to do in Houston that many people don’t know where to begin. Let’s delve into exactly what  makes Houston a coveted retirement destination.

Senior couple having coffee outside talking about retiring in Houston.

Affordable Living

Houston is one of the most affordable and financially friendly cities to live in the country. This is largely because Texas is one of few states that has zero income tax. Social Security income, 401(k), IRA, pension, or even employment  income isn’t  taxed by the state at all. Plus, neither groceries nor medications are subject to sales tax. And while Texas has slightly higher than average property taxes compared to the rest of the country, housing prices are lower than average, and there are substantial homestead exemptions. Houston specifically boasts the lowest cost of living when compared to other state cities like Dallas, Fort Worth and Austin. This financial stability allows residents the freedom to explore the multitude of things to do in Houston.

Senior couple enjoying fun things to do in Houston such as explore local restaurants.

Houston’s Vibrant Culture

Houston is a city alive with diversity and culture. The city’s wide variety of cuisine alone is reason enough to retire here. Far beyond Tex-Mex and barbecue staples – which are still top-notch in Houston – some of the most acclaimed Vietnamese, Thai, Indian and Italian restaurants have found an enthusiastic audience in Houston locals.

The local art community is another strong Houston attractor. Due to the city’s affordability, artists are flocking to Houston. It has become America’s hottest area for contemporary art. From grand murals lining the many open green spaces to world-renowned modern museums, there is a never-ending stream of art to explore.

Houston is also teeming with rich history that the city lovingly embraces. There are dozens of historic sites made easily accessible for all to enjoy. So accessible, in fact, that many retirement communities in Houston make regular day trips to historic hotspots.  Some of the most popular things to do in Houston include visiting the San Jacinto Monument and Museum of History, Sam Houston Park, and the Battleship Texas National Landmark. You can walk in the shoes of Houston’s pioneers and explore some of the world’s largest and most valuable historic collections, all within one beautiful city.

Senior woman walking outside enjoying retirement in Houston, TX.

An Ideal Environment

Many consider Houston’s sprawling landscape full of green spaces one of the best things about the city. Despite being Texas’ largest city, Houston is far from a concrete jungle metropolis. Around 336 parks and more than 200 green spaces are spread throughout the city, amplifying the active and adventurous nature of its residents. And with spectacular year-round weather — getting out and about and enjoying fun things to do in Houston is possible in every season.

Houston’s warm climate is a big draw for many retiring seniors. The southeastern border of Texas enjoys temperatures in the low 60s during winter and low 90s in summer months. Humidity is certainly a factor in the summertime when rain falls regularly, but Houston’s climate and abundant sunshine is generally ideal for outdoor adventures.

Experience the Best of Houston at The Buckingham

Like the city’s residents, we at The Buckingham are proud to call Houston our home. Whatever your interests are, you’ll find you can effortlessly explore Houston from one excellent address. We stand out among retirement communities in Houston because in every level of care (from independent living to memory care), we strive to give you myriad opportunities to take advantage of all that Houston offers. This is the place where the lifestyle you love is enriched every day by the people, places and experiences of Houston – backed by the freedom that can only come from the promise of lifetime care.