Senior man enjoying the outside and sunshine taking time for spiritual wellness.

What Is Spiritual Wellness?

Broadly defined, spiritual wellness is having a set of moral values that guide your behavior, decision-making and overall life. For many, it is a connection to a greater power through religion. The beautiful, and complicated, thing about pinpointing a spiritual wellness definition is that it’s unique to each person. For some, it comes from practicing a faith-based religion, while others find connection in nature. Some find happiness through helping others, and for others, spiritual wellness might come through living a life of serenity. Whatever spirituality means to you, it’s likely a lifelong pursuit of finding purpose while living an honest, altruistic, well-rounded life.

Senior woman taking time for spiritual wellness outside.

Spirituality as a part of overall wellness

Spiritual wellness is just one of the core dimensions of overall wellness. Some others are physical, social, emotional, intellectual, vocational and environmental wellness. They may seem like separate elements, but each dimension of wellness works in tandem to bolster the others. For many people, a fundamental aspect of spiritual wellness is community connection. As people strive to create spiritual well-being through community, they also promote social, emotional and environmental wellness. Additionally, a sense of spiritual wellness has proven to foster overall happiness and fewer feelings of anxiety, isolation and depression.

Senior man practicing yoga as an example of a spiritual wellness activity.

Examples of practicing spiritual wellness

How people practice spiritual wellness is as unique as the varying definitions of spirituality. Worship services at churches, temples and mosques are one of the more common examples of spiritual wellness in practice, but the range in our society has grown much wider. Community activism and volunteering often give people a devout sense of purpose and fulfillment, which in itself can be spiritual. Others use meditation to help center themselves, calm their emotions and find enlightenment. Creative expression is another way many people find spiritual wellness — the act of creating can become a form of meditation and translate to a mindfulness that brings tranquility. Generally, all things that fulfill you, give your life meaningful purpose, and help yourself and others live a better life can be considered spiritual wellness activities.

Senior woman's hands.

Spiritual wellness in senior living communities

Spiritual well-being is a fundamental cornerstone of many senior living communities. Many nonprofit senior living communities were started by a religious denomination. While some communities are faith-based at their core and still sponsored by a specific denomination, today most every senior living community provides inclusive opportunities for residents to practice and engage in the religion of their choice. Spiritual wellness activities take many forms in senior living communities — from group Bible study to volunteerism to meditation sessions. In supporting each resident’s overall well-being, senior living communities acknowledge that a person’s spirituality is a vital component in living a longer, happier, healthier life. 

Spiritual wellness at The Buckingham

At The Buckingham, we believe that addressing each dimension of wellness is key to living a long, fulfilling life. We make it easy to find your own unique sense of spiritual wellness with a wide variety of spiritual activities in every level of our full continuum of care. In that regard, if our team can do anything to enhance your wellness during this time, please don’t hesitate to contact us through our website, or call us anytime at 713-979-3090.