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5 Steps for Finding the Best Retirement Community for You

If you’re thinking of moving to a senior living community or helping a family member make the transition, you might be uncertain about how to begin the search. To discover the right retirement community where you’ll feel most comfortable, it’s vital to consider your personal preferences and requirements. Therefore, a useful starting point is to evaluate which community features are most significant to you as an individual.

Searching for the Best Retirement Community? Here are five key considerations to help you decide.

What is Your Ideal Location?

When thinking about your retirement options, location is probably the first thing that comes to mind. For many, being a short distance from friends and grandkids is one of the biggest draws of a new community.

Other location based considerations may include things like:

  • Do you enjoy visiting historic sites or desire being near major cultural hubs?
  • Live in or near an area with easy access to major shopping?
  • Or perhaps you prefer a community close to opportunities for outdoor activities such as fishing or golfing.

Whatever your reasons, living in or near your ideal location will guide much of your search.

Services & Amenities

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You are unique, and the right retirement community should reflect your individual lifestyle. Ask yourself what services and amenities you can’t live without. That may be a pool, state-of-the-art fitness center, around-the-clock dining options or an on-site salon and spa.

Plan for Future Care Needs

When thinking ahead about living accommodations, you may be wondering what happens if your care needs change. For many, the best piece of mind is achieved by choosing a continuing care retirement community, often known as a CCRC.

In a CCRC such as The Buckingham, the monthly fee is predictable even if your care needs change. This is advantageous because it enables you to transition effortlessly between various levels of living without paying a higher market-rate fee for additional care. For example, moving from independent living to assisted living or moving from assisted living to memory care would not change your monthly fee.

Examine Housing Options & Floor Plans

There are living spaces to fit every personality. Ask yourself if you’d feel best in a townhome, or perhaps an apartment with convenient access to dining options and activities is more your style. What kind of floor plan do you prefer? Do you prefer open spaces? Patio with a view? Many retirement communities, like The Buckingham, offer a variety of different floor plans, on-site amenities, including dining rooms, all in a completely worry-free environment so that you can say goodbye to the hassle of lawn maintenance, utility bills and home repairs.

The Right Senior Community Should Feel Like Home

The most important aspect of choosing the right retirement community is that it’s a place where you feel you can truly be yourself. When touring a community, take time to meet other residents and envision yourself in the day-to-day. Are there hobbies, activities, and amenities available that you enjoy?

The right retirement community for you is the one that checks all the boxes and makes you feel at home. We encourage you to explore and learn more about The Buckingham. As a prestigious community in Houston, it’s known for its great health support and exceptional social life among the residents.

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