A group of Smile Squad members standing in a row and smiling.

The Buckingham’s Smile Squad Brightens the Day for Skilled Nursing Residents

The Buckingham, a premier senior living community, is committed to providing its residents with a strong sense of community. Recently, residents at The Buckingham launched the Smile Squad – a group of 20 independent living residents who wear red aprons and visit skilled nursing residents to lift their spirits, bring them items they may need, participate in activities and provide friendship.

After two years of planning and preparation, The Smile Squad officially started in January 2023. The Smile Squad was the brainchild of resident Emily Ryan, who spent time in skilled nursing with a broken hip and felt fortunate that so many of her friends at The Buckingham came to visit her while she was recuperating.

“I remember how excited I was to have frequent visitors during my time in skilled nursing, “said Ryan. “I wanted to do my part to make sure everyone has a friendly face to visit with. And after that, the name and the concept of The Smile Squad just came to me.”

The Smile Squad not only bring items to residents in skilled nursing, but they also share stories about their family and life before The Buckingham. It’s not only a chance for skilled nursing residents to feel joy but also an opportunity for other residents to give back and be a bright light in someone else’s life.

“I’ve enjoyed the visits from the group of residents in the Smile Squad,” said a skilled nursing resident. “They have become like my family. I am so thankful to have them as part of my life. They have helped me in more ways than they will ever know.”