Never a Dull Moment at The Buckingham

Tissa Baker did not expect to be leading such a full life in her eighties. What she appreciates most about living at The Buckingham is her ability to stay so busy in her later years. Whether it’s meeting a friend for dinner in the dining room, attending an art or exercise class or going on a field trip to see the Texas wildflowers, or having lunch with friends, there is no shortage of things to do. Through the many relationships she has formed at The Buckingham, Tissa feels like she has connections that she treasures.

When she is not taking part in the variety of activities in which she’s involved, Tissa spends much of her time in Ken’s Garden at The Buckingham, where she enjoys feeding the birds and squirrels. Growing up in a small town, she has always loved being close to nature, and this peaceful garden attracts all different types of residents and migrating birds.

“It’s a great life at The Buckingham,” said Tissa. “I didn’t think that the later years of my life would be like this… that I would be doing so many different things. One winds up going to all sorts of events and visiting with all kinds of people; it keeps you feeling much younger than your years.”